Saturday, July 9, 2011

Libby Boom up on Nie Nie today

What a surprise to find Libby Boom up on Nie Nie Dialogues today. So super fun!

Thanks Nie Nie! So glad you like the book.

Buy Libby Boom here and Catherine, the author will sign it :)


Kasas_Aka said...

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The Bergers said...

I just bought Libby Boom for my daughter and i think it is such a cute book! A matter of fact as we were reading it my little gal thought the book was about her because she has a pet elephant named Elie and libbys family has 2 girls and a boy (same as ours haha! I am writing a childrens book and love your work! I would love you to do the illustration for me. How does that work and are you open to doing it?