Thursday, October 21, 2010

Maggie Brooklyn!!

Maggie Brooklyn Cover

I'm so excited that the first book in the Maggie Brooklyn series, A Girl's Best Friend by Leslie Margolis, is out and available at your local bookstores! Like so many projects I'm working on these days, I was so very delighted to be a part of this. I once lived in Brooklyn NY and when walking alongside the many brownstones lining the street it's not hard to feel a bit of magic and mystery, like you find in this book. I loved learning more about Maggie and finding out who she really is. This is also one of the first books where I did all of the hand lettering for the title and author's name as well as the top banner with the brooklyn skyline. I'm really happy with how it all turned out.

This morning while going through my emails I found out about this wonderful interview by Melissa Walker with author Leslie Margolis which highlights Leslie's perspective on how the cover came to be. When people find out that I am illustrator I often get asked whether or not the author has any input or feelings on how the cover, character, etc. turns out. This interview is a wonderful, up close and informative excerpt that shows just what the journey is like from the author's side of things. Thanks so much Melissa and Leslie. It was a treat reading this!

And speaking of reading...I highly recommend you go out and get this book and get to reading it as well!

**Oh and I just found out that there is a Maggie Brooklyn website! check it out!


Kirsten said...

Cover looks great....liking the color picks!

Richtoon said...

Congrats! I would love to do this sort of thing.

Hello Little Strangers said...

Wonderful work!Love the blog!