Monday, September 8, 2008

finally here!

I had to order my copy of Princess Peepers from Amazon and can I just say that I'm sooo excited that it's finally here! I had so much fun working on this delightfully silly story by Pam Calvert and it's such a treat to finally see it in print.


Jon said...

I'm so proud of you Tuesday! It's fantastic! Love, Jon

Annie Carie said...

Oh I can't wait to get mine! By the way you look just adorable with the pink glasses!!

cally said...

I just ordered mine.

That picture of you is AWESOME!

Pam Calvert said...

I know for a fact Barnes and Noble did decide to stock it nationally. I've had people from all over tell me they've had Peepers sightings! In fact, I have a picture from a friend in Chicago where it's sitting proudly on display among the other new picture books! YAY, Barnes and Noble!!

My local B & N had it in stock but it was moved somewhere and they couldn't find it but promptly bought many more to put on the shelves! I also went into a local independent bookstore and they actually recognized the book--they had it on order and "LOVED IT!", so yay!

Love that peepers picture! :-)


D-lyn said...

I love this pic!!! I want to link up this pic on my blog and I have to get this great book for my peeper princess too!
You are so talented!!!!
Go girl!!