Saturday, May 10, 2008

Knoxville's Children's Festival of Reading

OK all you Knoxville residents, you simply must come to the the Children's Festival of Reading, May 31st, at World's Fair Park. I will be there, along with poet and performer Allan Wolf, signing copies of Immersed in Verse.
Allan Wolf, who will be performing as well as signing
Several other young adult fiction books that I have illustrated will also be available for purchase (or you can bring your own copies) and I'd be happy to sign those for you or your kids. Bring the whole family, it will be amazing fun!
"The best part? This year, the summer reading program's theme is Starship Adventure, so we'll be playing with flying UFO's and dressing up like aliens. Check out the fun on Saturday, May 31, from 10-3 at the World's Fair Park."


Chrissy Johnson said...

We (and I'm speaking for the staff of the Children's Room of the Lawson McGhee (Downtown) Library)...are THRILLED you'll be there! We just love your work and Allan Wolf!! I actually sung Immersed in Verse's praises (and yours!) recently on my kids lit blog:

Can't wait to see you guys there!

cally said...

No Way!! I was seriously thinking of hauling my arsonal of crazies to that, but I'm scared. I don't even take them to WalMart.

I've got to muster up the courage.