Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sketch of the Day

I did this sketch for a painting that I eventualy want to go over my living room couch. I think it ended up looking a bit like my younger sister, Lorajean. I've named her Lola.


Heather said...

um...so i got all excited cause i saw one of the books you illustrated in Target! just wanted to let you know how cool you are!

mer said...

oooh, which one?

Nathalie said...

oh this drawing is so nice !Since i started blogging all those beautiful things i see made me want to give " drawing " a go , am not really good at it but am trying, it surely makes me appreciate so much more the skills of other artists like you that do a great job !

D-lyn said...

Mer, I lOve this!
you are total getting the Lj look with this face!
I see my little sis the one I baby sat and was a roomie with in that drawing!